A Review of Moo(.com)

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

I‘d never had professionally printed business cards until the beginning of this year.

My usual process was to make the designs, print the cards at home (or Office Depot), then cut them myself. To add some pizazz, I would take a red sharpie and draw along the sides of the cards. While this worked, it wasn’t what I was looking for when it came to quality.

Enter, Moo.

I had been recommended this company once before, and when it came time for me to send out postcard batches, I knew I needed professional (affordable) printing. They were having a sale, so I took full advantage of the offer by ordering 25 postcards and 50 Luxe business cards.

What really drew me to Moo besides the sale price, was the ability to upload multiple designs for both the fronts of both business cards and postcards, as well as the Luxe option, which gives you a coloured edge lining. My only disappointment is that you are limited to one design on the backs of the postcards, but I’m really digging deep to find a complaint on Moo.

When they arrived, the packaging was classier than I expected. The business cards came in card holders that were closed with a ribbon stamped with a seal. The contents were not disappointing - the postcards and business cards felt sturdy, looked great, and the coloured trim on the business cards (that weren’t coloured in sharpie) made me giddy with excitement.

(*note - the actual products differ slightly in the photos, they look much better in real life)

Seeing a business card with your name on it never gets old, and with these cards, I feel like my first impressions with potential clients will be a little better than my homemade ones.

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Moo Rating

★★★★☆ Ease of Use

★★★★★ Packaging

★★★★★ Product

★★★★★ Customer Service

Use the Templates

When I made my first batch of 50 Luxe business cards, I didn’t use a template because I didn’t know Moo had them, and it caused a printing issue that left me with 7 usable cards out of 50. Using a template makes things so much easier and quicker to do.

I contacted Moo’s customer service and they were so frustration-free to work with. My customer service representative was quick at replying, very friendly, and helped me so much throughout the process. In the end, they reprinted and shipped to me 50 new Luxe business cards for free. Talk about customer service!

Find the template that you need here:

Pro Tip: Use the templates that Moo provides to design your cards.