BFA Capstone: Animals of the Southwest

After an entire Spring semester of stress and hard work, my BFA Capstone (and first ever solo exhibition) has finally come to fruition!


Animals of the Southwest is an exhibition of 23 digital illustrations featuring animals found in the Chihuahuan Desert and Trans-Pecos region of Texas, celebrating their role in our desert culture. I was able to take inspiration from Mexican folk art, hence the patterns on the animals, and my own passion for wildlife, especially these animals which I grew up around. These 23 illustrations were made in 4 days over Spring Break after a couple of months of indecision and anxiety, and although it was challenging, it was also pretty fun.

The exhibition opening was very successful, with a lot of familiar faces showing up to show their support. In the first three days, I was able to sell six pieces, meet some long-time followers of my work, and read all of the thoughtful, supportive comments left in the visitor book. All in all, it's been a humbling experience that I would gladly do again, though hopefully without as much stress. 

Special thanks goes to Abell-Hanger for supporting my education, Expedition Art and Grand Companions for encouraging and helping me find my artistic voice, my mother for always supporting my passion for art, my friends for keeping my head above water all these years, my cat for talking to me while I created these pieces, and my boyfriend for helping me install the exhibition and helping me stay confident in my work.